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Ryukyu Bunka Kai Kan

6260 Unsworth Rd.

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   Welcome to the “Ryukyu Bunka Kai Kan” (Okinawan cultural Center)  home page. Located in Chilliwack B.C., Canada, the center is dedicated to teaching the culture of the tiny island of Okinawa, the homeland of Karate and Kobudo. This school is NOT sport, tournament or rank orientated. Our goal is to teach Japanese conversational language, calligraphy, history, manners and culture including traditional authentic Shorinji Ryu Karate, Ryukyu Kobudo (Ancient weaponry) and Goshinjutsu (street self defence). Private lessons, after school Japanese language classes for kids and adults, Okinawan music, Dance, Kimono kitsuke, Ikebana (flower arrangement), Ryori (Okinawan cooking).

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